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2 South Africans born and bred in Cape Town, both spent many years working in the Industry. Early years (2004) they worked together as colleagues at a local “DJ/Sound & Lighting” Store / Retail outlet for some years and around 2008, the industry had split them them up to follow other careers in Sound Reinforcement / Technical Supply. Warren spent his first 3 years after graduating from high school (with questionable grades, he blames his love for Audio in all of its behaviour as we perceive it, major distraction) playing underground Rave Club nights in Cape Town. At the time of UK vinyl being brought in by a small knowledgeable crew, namely Louder / Allen & Co. before meeting up with David who took employ at the Store after Warren had already been in employment for some months.

The 2 were mainly able to supply entry kit but never seemed to satisfy their appetite for more professional gear, constantly behind an available computer monitor “Dave check, new Void Acoustics Series released,” (followed by cover your mouth type expressions) as a quick reference, from countless manufactures pioneering the industry.

David went on to take on a position at a local South African agent where he spent many years loyal to customer service and industry standards applicable and earned his rank, supplier of brands being brought into the country - Martin Audio, Allen & Heath, MC2 Audio Ltd, XTA Audio/Processing as part of the higher end brands distributed. David’s ever Technical/Sales service commitment and constant research in up-to-date industry product releases Entertainment through AV and Home Theatre Systems is a notable quality, passion is clear.

Warren went on to take on a position at a local agent more DJ oriented, likes of Vestax, Ortofon and UDG travel bags for Professionals. A versatile company who also provided Nexo Alpha and PS series locally for rental as well as installations, Nexo and Tasso being the staple here, he learnt a lot through this company from a particular colleague. An installation they spent working on for 2-3 months from projection through rigging and lighting, the client had time and finished the entire project, 2 guys, one day at a time. He moved on to another local supplier enticed by a Turbo Sound Line Source System as a System technician followed by managing a reputable foreshore Cape Town hotel’s AV Technical requirements and most recently a 2.5 year position as HOD - Recording Studio & DJ / sales at Cape Towns premier CBD Musical Instrument Retail Supply chain with the biggest foot print across South Africa and able to successfully supply leading brands to demanding clients, namely - Universal Audio, Lynx Studio Technologies, Antelope Audio, Rupert Neve Designs, Apogee to note from a niche standpoint. Over this period in his spare time a releasing Electronic Music artist 10 year Psy Trance producer and most recently a strong passion for Techno with motivated ambition to get back behind the music here releasing as time becomes available to sit in the chair.

They conceptualised Audiochain.co.za 10 years ago but life goes on and had to pay the bills, all those years ago dreamt of making it a reality and many years later as promised to themselves, finally have. Gone complete circle and returned to offer you the best service we are able with the resources we have available, the supplier backing combined with experienced industry advice for your objectives against your budget, we will professionally advise and look at the most efficient solution to achieve the set out result with little to no compromise.

Supported by you as our suppliers have supported us, in the years to come we plan on employing only the best experienced staff who share the same passion we do for the manufactures / brands, engineering and who want to know about you and your planned sonic imprint to share with the world. A no nonsense approach, we’re here to help you be your best through Audio Electronics & Entertainment Technical, entry through high-end.

Welcome to the Family,

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