Alesis Forge 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Module
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Alesis Forge 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Module

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The Alesis Forge Drum Kit is an 8-piece electronic drum set with 3 cymbals, a 4-post aluminum rack, and all connection cables and hardware.

  It can be used in applications for recording studios, live stage, rehearsals, and more.The kit contains everything you'll need to get set up and running with a kick pad tower, an 11" dual-zone rubber snare pad, three 8" dual-zone rubber tom pads, a 10" hi-hat cymbal, a 10" crash pad with choke ability, and a 10" ride cymbal pad with choke ability. Additionally, a kick pedal, a hi-hat pedal, 4-post aluminum rack, drum key, drum sticks, and a power supply are included.When the Forge electronic drum module is set up, it features 70 ready-to-play classic and modern drum kits and over 600 drum and cymbal sounds. Sharpen your skills with the 60 built-in play-along tracks, and take advantage of the sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder that add more versatility to the kit.With a headphone output for private practice, MIDI-In and Out ports, aux inputs to play along with your own songs, stereo line outputs to connect to any sound system, and USB/MIDI connections for use with virtual instruments and recording software, the Forge Kit is a suitable solution for your percussion needs.                




      • 11” dual-zone snare and three single-zone toms
      • Kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included
      • Three 10” cymbals: Ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash w/choke
      • Forge Drum Module with 70 kits (50 factory + 20 user) and 600 sounds
      • Load WAV samples and play-along tracks via USB memory stick
      • Real-time recording (5 tracks internally; up to 99 tracks via USB memory stick)
      • USB/MIDI output for use with virtual instrument and recording software
      • Premium chrome 4-post rack
      • Connection cables, drum sticks, drum key and power supply included
  • Forge Drum Module
  • 11" dual-zone rubber snare pad
  • (3) 8" rubber tom pads
  • 10" ride cymbal with choke
  • 10" crash cymbal with choke
  • 10" hi-hat cymbal
  • Kick pad tower
  • Kick drum pedal
  • Hi-hat pedal
  • 4-post chrome rack
  • Cable snake
  • Cable wraps
  • Drum key
  • Drum sticks
  • Power adapter
  • Module user guide
  • Kit assembly guide
  • Safety & warranty manual