Custom 2inch Pyramid Foam Acoustic Absorption Panel
Acoustic Treatment

Custom 2inch Pyramid Foam Acoustic Absorption Panel

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Note: Panels are made up custom as needed in colours of your choosing from options available and usually arrives with you in 7-10 days.

The Custom 2inch Pyramid Foam Acoustic Absorption Panel is essential in room required quantities for professionals in the music industry who require room treatment for industry audio capture,

  • These wall treatments effectively decimate standing waves and will virtually reduce all flutter echoes, provided that enough surface area has been treated.

  • 2″ Pyramid Foam panels like our wedge foam, is a long-lasting, high-performance solution to treating small to medium-sized areas such as vocal booths, control rooms and studios. Pyramid foam's unique design however offers slightly different performance characteristics than the Wedgefoam profile, due to an increased surface area.

  • 2” Pyramidfoam panels also function as a full-frequency bandwidth absorber for any size room when used in conjunction with Studio Pro Bass Traps, Corner Traps or absorbers such as our Convoluted Panels

In this way you can effectively treat across a full frequency bandwidth for virtually any acoustic environment.

Size : 500mm x 500mm x 60mm