Grandview Cyber 84" Tab Tension Motorized Projector Screen
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Grandview Cyber 84" Tab Tension Motorized Projector Screen

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The Cyber Integrated Tab-Tension 50 x 67" Motorized Projector Screen from GrandView can be wall or ceiling mounted.

A retractable motorized screen, it is ideal for applications where you want the screen out of the way when not in use. It includes an IR remote as well as a wired controller. Additional control modules (available separately) can be used to further extend the screen's control options.

WB-5 PS Series High Definition Matte White Screen Surface

The WB-5 fabric has similar base features as the WW-3 fabric but features a unique layer of specially designed micro diamond patterns on the surface. This is designed to enhance picture quality and color while reducing any glare and imperfections. Matte White is a versatile screen surface, ideal in settings where ambient light is controlled. It features a viewing cone of 160° and unity gain. Black backing helps ensure no light penetration from behind the screen. The surface is flame-resistant and can be cleaned with mild soap and water


Included IR Remote Control

Allows you to raise and lower the screen over a distance of up to 26' line-of-sight


Wired Remote / Wall Switch

The wired remote is ideal for permanent placement, such as on a conference table or mounted to the wall. Using a 6P6C ("phone jack") style connector, the control switch supports custom cable lengths


Low Voltage Control (LVC)

An LVC port allows your projector to trigger screen lowering/raising when the projector is switched on or off


Optional RS-485 / USB Interface

For extended screen control and functionally, you can use the separately available Central Control Adapter with RS-485 and USB interfaces. This adapter plugs directly into the screen's 6P6C control interface in place of the regular wired remote. This allows you to operate the screen remotely via a computer or automation system such as Crestron. In addition, the Central Control Adapter features surface-panel buttons for local operation


Power Synchro Relay

For projectors without LVC, this separately available module will notify the screen when the projector is turned on or off


Additional Features

  • An aluminum alloy casing designed to provided a lightweight yet rigid structure
  • The sliding installation helps simplify initial positioning of the screen
  • Tensioning helps ensure a flat surface for optimal image detail
Front/Rear Projection Front
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Style Ceiling-recessed
Viewing Area 50.0 x 67.0" / 127.0 x 170.2 cm
Diagonal 84.0" / 213.4 cm
Gain 1.0
Viewing Angle 160 degrees
Tensioned Yes
Voltage 120 VAC/60 Hz
Packaging Info
Package Weight 49.5 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 107.5 x 8.0 x 7.9"